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If you would like to support the Rex Dog Shelter by donating a bigger amount, or regular donations, contribution-in-kind or long-time sponsorship or if you would like to support the development of the Animal Island, we will show our gratitude through mutual cooperation.
Once a year on World Animal Day (in special cases during the handover of the donation) our foundation organizes a ceremony with media coverage, where our foundation’s president will award our sponsors with „Silver, - Golden,- or Diamond Paw certificate” to thank for the generous support. 

Our top supporters, based on the extent of the donation – and based on the arrangement with the Rex Dog Shelter Foundation – we provide the following exchange services:
-The Rex Dog Shelter Foundation, as a public utility, provides a warrant for tax allowance for financial or contribution-in-kind.
-The supporter will be listed in the media of the Rex Dog Shelter Foundation (brochures, publications, webpages, Facebook site, buildings, pop-up stands).
The sponsorship conditions can be widened based on the sponsor’s directive. If you would like to get more information about sponsorship options, please send an email to our marketing team leader: