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1% of your Personal Tax Income (szja)

How do we use the donation?

The Rex Animal Shelter reduced the number of the stray animals in the last 24 years through animal rescue, animal adoption, neutering and education services. Our animal protection shelter, the Animal Island opened 12 years ago, where we operate both cat and dog rescue and shelter utilities. Since the opening more than 8,000 four-legged found a new home and more than 20,000 students participated in our educations programs.
We can continue our mission only with Your help! If you agree with our objectives, please offer the 1% of your tax to the Rex Dog Shelter Foundation with your tax payment or via post or online on the NAV website (
It doesn’t cost you a thing but you can save lives!
If you cannot offer your 1%, you can help our work as a volunteer, adopter or as a supporter.

Information about the 1%

How can I offer 1% of my tax?

If you would like to offer your 1% you have to fill out a form. You can get this for from your employer, from NAV or you can download the Rex Dog Shelter form from here.  
Please add our foundation’s tax number (18015676-1-41) and name (Rex Kutyaotthon Alapítvány) and give the form back to your employer in a sealed envelope or put it in your tax payment envelope or send it via post.  
IMPORTANT! Your form is valid only if you write your name, address, tax number and signature on the envelope. This data is safe as it is attached to your revenue form and will be delivered directly or through your employer to NAV.