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The founder’s message

“As far as I can remember as a child I always longed for seemingly impossible things, but I still strongly believed that they will come true. As a teenager I had more realistic targets, but still, I had many disappointments. As a grown-up I handled my ambitions more subtly, just to save myself from disappointment.
However, when it comes to animals, I am passionate. I dream about a world where animals are treated well. This is our Animal Island where we not only treat animals fairly, but we also teach others how to treat them. With the realisation of the Rex Foundation, a childhood dream came true.  I consider myself lucky, as I have so many helping hands in this dream, while our opponents are few. According to Albert Wass (Hungarian novelist and poet) we have to grow into a child in order to grow into an adult. Therefore I recall the times, when I was accepting every human contact with an open heart, without any mistrust. We need this approach, as this is the time, to believe in an idea as an adult, what helps us to find true friends without any artifical emotions or negativness, who want only to make our world a better place! 

Dr. Péter Király, founder.”’
4th of March 2016