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Our most popular volunteer activity is to walk dogs. This is a huge help for us, as we don’t have the resources to walk more than 100 dogs daily without our volunteers. The doggies are looking forward to the walk, because finally they can play and run freely outside of the kennel. Please be aware that we have new rules for walking dogs. To keep your volunteer status, you must come to our shelter once a month to walk dogs.  We group our dogs based on their energy levels and we will assign our beginner, advanced and mentor volunteers to the appropriate groups. Dog walking is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm.
You can also care for the fur of our doggies. Our carers will be happy to give you the equipment to do it. A well- trimmed dog can be more tempting for a potential adopter and also the animal feels better. 

Volunteer foster carer:

Although we have a shelter, it’s very important to us to have foster carers. In many cases it’s a great help that we have volunteers who can temporally adopt animals. This period is usually 2-4 weeks, but if the volunteer can provide a temporary home longer, it’s the better. During foster care our foundation provides the supplies.