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After signing the contract with the company ÉPIT Rt. the palatial construction started almost one and a half years later – the delay was caused by unexpected environmental issues during the licensing of the building contracts. The festive foundation stone ceremony took place in spring 2002, and it was also the “foundation paw ceremony”, as the patron of the foundation Zsuzsa Csala’s legendary dog “Hopi” put his pawn into the wet concrete to seal the occasion. Although it was an enormous challenge to build the core of a multi-function animal rescue center (landscaping, canalization, fence, farm, office and kennel buildings) the works took only two years. The first phase of the realization of the Animal Island the Animal-Adoption Centre opened in the summer of 2004 and our four-legged friends could conquer the first kennel-building. The second kennel for 50 dogs opened a year later, and it doubled the number of canine accommodation. After this every year the center expanded with new facilities (water area and pond, kitchen garden, open fireplace, central quaranteen, cat rescue station, wildlife area etc.) until it reached its current form.