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If you don’t have the oppotunity to adopt and take home a puppy or a cat from our shelter, but you would like to support one of our cute residents choose to adopt virtually.
The main thoght behind virtual adption is that you support a resident of Rex Charity, who is chosen by you, and instead of adopting you donate minimmum 10.000 Ft every month for his/her care-taking process meanwhile he/she stays under the control of the Rex Charity.

If the day comes that someone is willing to adopt him/her we will inform you, and give you the chance to help and support an other resident of ours.
As far as you like the opportunity you have nothing else to do but to choose a dog or a cat you would like to support and e-mail us. Our e-mail address:
In the e-mail write the name of your chosen one, and your personal datas (name, e-mail address, telephone number) and tell us how you would like to support him/her. There are different ways you can send the sponsorship such as: bank transfer, cheque payment, or you can choose to come to our office and hand it out personally.
In  case you would like to go for walk with your chosen puppy not just support financially, you can do that as well! In that case you have to attend a 2-hour long education that we provide for you, as far as you get to know the rules of the house too, not just the handy tricks and tips. We will send you a notification about the time of the training.
After the amout of donatoin reaches 10.000 Ft you, as the virtual adopter, will receive a certificate of it.

More information:
06-1-230-4080 (from Monday till Sanday between 10-16)

Taking in is good! 
Living together with an animal…  is great!
It feels good to share our lives with a four-legged friend in our family. So much love and sweetness! But it is also a big responsibility.
Having a pet is for a lifetime.  Adopting an animal must be a responsible decision, which affects all members of the family (animals and humans) and most importantly the adopted animal itself.
Before adopting a cat or a dog, you have to exercise introspection before committing yourself to this long-term responsibility. 
The kitties and doggies living at the shelter get a chance for a new life with adoption.
Please give these animals a chance, but be careful with your choice, because living together problem free with the adopted animal is only possible after you have studied the reasonable needs and expectations of the situation.

We suggest that you calculate and decide about adopting an animal based on the below points:

- It’s important to familiarize yourself with the adoptable animals living on the Rex Animal Island.
- Check out our brochure about our cats and dogs.
- Write a list about the qualities the adopted animal needs to have.
- Take into consideration that you must fulfill all of the needs of the animal! You must feed it , you must provide fresh drinking water all the time, it must receive medical care – at least once a year, when getting the rabies vaccination – you have to provide a place where it can rest and is suitable for its size. You have to clean and care for its fur, also you must have time to train but also play with it. Also the animal must have the opportunity to go outside multiple times a day. And last but not least it needs constant love from the new owner.
- If you are sure that you can keep to the rules of the responsible pet owning, please visit us and choose a cat or dog with the help of our carers.
- After your decision, our colleagues will ask a few questions regarding the surroundings, location and capabilities which you can guarantee for our patron. Once we find your answers about accommodation acceptable, you can take home your new family member, after signing an adoption contract.

With adoption you can help not only one single animal. By paying the adoption fee and hopefully a donation too you can support our continued work.
It gives us a chance to take in new animals on the Rex Animal Island and it helps us to maintain the highest level of animal keeping and even improve the maintenance of our environment.
With one adoption you will support two animals at once!

Adoption hours are from Tuesday to Sunday between 10am and 4pm on the Animal Island. (33 Óceánárok st. Budapest 1046).
Prior to adoption there’s a personal consultation. As you choose a new lifelong partner, you shouldn’t make a sudden decision. It’s suggested to consider every aspect, collect all information, discuss it and also sleep on it before you make a final decision. It is our policy that you cannot adopt after your first meeting with the animal. The soonest you can proceed with the adoption is the second meeting.
Apart from this condition, we will sign an adoption contract, where we will need your Citizen ID card.

When adopting a dog you will need a collar and a leash. You can buy these items at our foundations. When adopting a cat you’ll need a safe transportation box.
Our dogs at the shelter receive the following treatments: deworming and defleaing, vaccination against rabies (from 3 months) and other contagious diseases, microchipping and neutering (older than 6 months).

To be able to provide all of these vet services for our new animals, please support our foundation with 15.000 HUF during the adopting process.
Our cats at the shelter receive the following treatments: deworming and defleaing, vaccination against contagious diseases, neutering after sexually mature age and microchipping.
To be able to provide all of these vet services for our new animals, please support our foundation with 8.000 HUF during the adopting process.

Dog adoption contract
Cat adoption contract
After adoption all responsibility, business and expense of pet owning belongs to the adopter. It’s recommended to consider these expenses before adoption.
Regardless of where we find our new four-legged family member, always keep in mind to choose the most suitable partner for our life schedule and environment.